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Tour of the Tales:

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Overview of tour:

Start:  9:00 am - Aquatic Park

Finish:  4:30 pm - Either Union Square or Levi's 

    Plaza (depending on which option the group


Tours' Content:

Main Tour (9:00 am through lunch):  Aquatic Park,

    Russian Hill, Lunch in North Beach

Option A (after lunch until 4:30 pm):  Telegraph Hill

Option B (after lunch until 4:30 pm):  Nob Hill

To sign up for the tour, click here:  Connect.

Because group tours use MUNI's cable cars and buses, the tour group size is limited to about 10 people.  We accept participants on a first come, first served basis.

When a group tour is planned, it will be announced here on this page as well as on Tours of the Tales Facebook page ( and on Twitter (@ToursoftheTales).

To connect with Tours of the Tales via email, Facebook, and/or Twitter, please go to the Connect page.

Click onto the YouTube video below to catch a glimpse of one of the guided Tour of the Tales.  (If More Tales of the City theme is playing, you'll need to pause the "More Tales of the City" theme  audio file in the lower right corner of this page.)

Guided Tour of the Tales

In addition to providing the multiple self-guided tours, once or twice a year, Tours of the Tales conducts a group Tour.

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