Tours of the Tales

Download to your portable music player from the online music service of your choice the music featured in the Tales book and/or heard in the Tales miniseries.  Listen to the music while strolling through San Francisco to enhance your Tales of the City experience. 

Click on the links to see/download the list of songs for each book/miniseries.  For added fun, the music listed for each book/miniseries is matched with the appropriate tours when possible.

Music for Your Tours

Photo of the cover of the Tales of the City CD. Includes four photos from the miniseries: Beachamp sitting in the driver's seat of his convertable, Mary Ann on the rooftop of 28 Barbary Lane, Mona and D'orothea, and Anna Madrigal.

At this time, only the music for Tales of the City (both the book and miniseries is available.  Click onto the Tales of the City CD cover above to access the music list.

Coming soon, music from More Tales of the City.

NOTE:  Links to online music services are not provided on the lists.

  • Further Tales of the City Part 1 _ Chapter 12:27