Tours of the Tales

Tours of the Tales provides a way for fans of Armistead Maupin to visit the San Francisco they've come to know through the residents of 28 Barbary Lane.

To date, Tours of the Tales has 12 self-guided walking tours through various San Francisco neighborhoods and one supplemental tour.  More tours are under development.    Most of the tours within San Francisco will also be walking tours while nearly all of the tours outside the city San Francisco will require a car.‚Äč

The Tours

Each tour has an introductory page that provides a brief overview of the tour as well as a link to the tour's downloadable script (in PDF format), a link the the specially prepared Google Map of the tour's route, and a link to photos and other graphics associated with that tour.

After you've clicked onto the link for a tour, you have a couple of options:  You can save it and then print it or save it to a tablet (such as an Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, etc) or an eReader (such as an Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, etc.).   If you want to go the digital route, it is much easier to see the script's text on an eReader than on a tablet.  It might be easiest to read the text going the non-digital way and print the tour's script before leaving on the tour.  However, still consider taking your smart phone or tablet on the tour to take advantage of the tour's Google Map to help you navigate the tour's route.

To select a tour, click on the Tours 1 - 7 and Tours 8 - 14 buttons on navigation menu at the top of the screen.  Those pages list all the current walking tours and provide a brief overview of each one.