Tours of the Tales

Stop at Molinari's, pick up a sandwich and a drink, then joining Anna for an al fresco lunch on a bench in Washington Square.

Two other locales included in this tour make this tour an essential visit to San Francisco:  This tour takes you to the spot where the set of the "pentshack" was build for the "Tales of the City" miniseries.  It also takes you to Beach Blanket Babylon.  If at all possible, make time to see this outrageously funny and well performed musical review.

Let's get started:

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Tour #2: North Beach. 

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Tour #2: North Beach:  Some people do this tour immediately following Tour #1: In the Beginning... (Aquatic Park and Russian Hill).

Many of the restaurants where Anna and our other Barbary Lane friends ate are featured in this tour.  In fact, if you combine this tour with Tour #1, consider taking lunch here in North Beach.

Tour #2: North Beach