Tours of the Tales

Union Square is the heart of the City's shopping and has many of the city's upscale hotels.  Many San Franciscans - both residents of the city and folks who work in the City - gravitate to Union Square for shopping and dining.  It was also very popular with the residents of 28 Barbary Lane.

Jon Fielding's office was only one block north of Union Square.  Prue Giroux purchased the perfect safari outfit from Eddie Bauer before returning to the wilds of Golden Gate Park to search for her peripatetic dog.  Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip stayed at the St. Francis Hotel on the west side of Union Square.  The "Tales of the City - Musical" played at the American Conservatory Theater (ACT)  one block west of the Square at the corner of Geary and Mason Streets.

Scenes from the "Tales of the City" and "More Tales of the City" miniseries were filmed at Union Square.

This walking tour is short.  Combining this walking tour with window shopping (or serious shopping) and a meal at one of the many restaurant around and near Union Square can make a relaxed and delightful day.

Let's get started:

Tour #7:  Union Square