Tours of the Tales

Pier 23 Café

Pier 23 Café, Pier 23 on the Embarcadero

By 1985, Mary Ann and Brian have moved up to the 23rd floor of the Summit (Sure of You).  Brian is driving a $20,000 Jeep.  He also had mink-lined bomber jacket from Wilkes Bashford, which he only wore while driving the jeep.   He also frequented Pier 23.

Shawna (Mary Ann in Autumn) often ate at this funky roadhouse while waiting for her boyfriend-of-sorts, Otto, to finish his clown and puppet street performance further north on the Embarcadero at Pier 39 (below in this tour).  Shawna ate a plate of fried artichoke hearts while she waited for Otto.

Pier 23 Café is a fun place to eat.  If weather permits, sit outside behind the restaurant overlooking the Bay.  The website:  Pier 23 Café.

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