Tours of the Tales

cheek.  Thack grunted when DeDe told them that they had just missed Chloe Rand who was there earlier.  When she asked Thack if he know Chloe, Thack responded with a “No…But her husband tried to f**k my husband last night.” (Sure of You/Back to 28 Barbary Lane, p. 688)

Intersection of Jones and Sutter Streets

Although Armistead Maupin didn’t provide an exact location of D’orothea’s Grill in Sure of You, until June of 2014, there was an excellent restaurant just steps away from (aka “near”) the intersection:  Fleur de Lys (777 Sutter Street).  Fleur de Lys was co-owned by noted French Chef Hubert Keller.  Fleur de Lys had been located here since the late 1950s.  The menu was à prix fixe which was fun.  Before Fleur de Lys closed, you could have come here some night and pictured yourself being greeted and seated by D’or.

Intersection of Jones and Sutter Streets

In Sure of You, DeDe’s and D’or’s restaurant, D’orothea’s Grill, was located near this intersection on the southern slope of Nob Hill.  Mary Ann and Burke Andrews rendezvoused there for lunch.  

When Mary Ann entered the restaurant, she quickly glanced at the walls to make sure that she was still included in the row of caricatures of the restaurant’s more illustrious patrons.  Hers was still displayed between Danielle Steel and Shirley Temple Black.  The maître d' seated Mary Ann and Burke at the banquette at the back…wisely so because Father Paddy and Prue were eating in the front room of the restaurant.  During lunch, Burke pitched to Mary Ann the idea of her moving to New York and having her own nationally syndicated talk show. 

A few weeks later, the day after Russell Rand tried to pick-up Michael at Arch Gidde’s former home in Sea Cliff, Thack and Michael stopped at D’orothea’s.  The restaurant was “a little short of celebrities that day, so their people watching centered around the bubble-butted boy who brought them their Chinese chicken salads.” As they were finishing their salads, DeDe approached them and greeted each with a kiss on the